LDN AV receivers What can you do with old receivers?

Most of us have old electronic devices that we no longer need in our garage, basement, or attic. No doubt, the easiest solution is to throw an old receiver away. But after reading this article, you will get some ideas regarding what else you can do with it.

Does anyone buy old receivers?

You might be surprised to learn that there are many companies which buy old electronic equipment. Some want to use the parts in repairing other equipment, some sell refurbished goods on eBay or the company website, and others recycle them by removing usable parts and disposing of useless components as hazardous waste.

So you can find such a company by searching the web for phrases like “receiver recycling”, “electronic recycling companies”, or similar.

Where to donate an old receiver

If you don’t feel like selling your old receiver, why not donate it to a worthy cause? In some cities, there are organizations that collect electronic equipment for recycling and let the proceeds benefit local schools or homeless shelters. You can also donate it to a school so that students can be taught how to resolder components and repair electronic devices. Visit your local school board website to find out if they need some old equipment.

old receivers inside

What is inside your old receiver

If you are an electronics hobbyist or just want to learn how your old receiver works, you can read the manual and do all the tests. After that, you might discover some problems that can be easily fixed or make some modifications to improve the performance of your device. You can also simply disassemble it and use some of its parts for other purposes.

You will be surprised to see how many parts inside an old receiver are still useful. You will find numerous resistors, capacitors, chips, connectors, wires, terminals, transformers. If you are unsure what something is or how it works, consult the manual or search the web.

Why not make a handcrafted item?

If you have some tools and basic skills, you can turn your old receiver into a beautiful home decor item. In this way, the device will find new life as an art object instead of just being thrown away or recycled.

There are a lot of articles online that show how to create various items with old electronic equipment. Or let your imagination work, and you can be amazed by what you come up with.

How to dispose of a receiver

If none of the proposed solutions appeal to you, do not simply throw away a receiver. It is harmful to the environment and could cause problems with the laws on hazardous waste disposal. For this reason, consult your local authorities about how to dispose of electronic equipment safely. Many communities offer special recycling events where you can drop off your electronic waste.

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