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When it comes to the best AV receiver under $1000, there are many factors to consider. We’ll walk you through some of the things to look for when making your decision and share our top picks. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced audiophile, read on for advice on finding the perfect AV receiver for your home theater setup.

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Denon AVR-X2700H
Denon AVR-X2700H
Best AV receivers under $1000
Denon AVR-X2700H 7.2ch 8K AV receiver with 95W per channel fully supports 3D audio formats as well as the latest HDMI specifications such as 8K/60Hz, and select 4K/120Hz pass-through. Read the full review.

Best AV receivers under $1000 reviews

Denon AVR-X2700H – best overall

Denon launched the latest revision of AVR-X2700H in 2020, and it still remains rather future-proof. It offers you the ability to create the finest 4K home theater today while also ensuring that your receiver is 8K prepared. This Denon AVR-X2700H review will cover its most essential features, letting you know where it succeeds and falls short.

Denon AVR-X2700H

Outwardly, we are dealing with a typical black box receiver that won't win any beauty contests. But compared to the previous models, the AVR-X2700H comes with an enhanced dynamic range, the support for more video formats, and an expanded list of surround sound codecs.

Build and design

Denon AVR-X2700H is quite heavy at 21 lbs. However, this weight is due to the high-quality build. There is a metal chassis that gives the receiver a solid feel. With the dimensions 17.1 x 13.4 x 9.3 inches (or 6.6 inches with the antennas in the horizontal position), the device is the same size as its predecessor - the AVR-X2600H. The only change you see on the front panel is the absence of an HDMI port.

All functions are visualized in a large display in the middle. Two big circular knobs on either side of the front panel serve for volume control and source selection. A thin line of function buttons under the display includes buttons for the tuner preset channel selection, controls for Zone2, the brightness of the display and its mode, and some buttons you can use to register settings of your choice.

Features and specs

Denon AVR-X2700H

Denon AVR-X2700H features provide users with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution for their home theater needs. There is a 7 channel amplifier that delivers 95 W (8 ohms, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, THD: 0.08% 2ch drive) of power per channel, which is quite a lot for a receiver in this price category.

There is a good selection of connections for all your devices. The AVR-X2700H has 6 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs with HDCP 2.3 processing. One dedicated input supports 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz pass-through (although the producer underlines that not all the 4K/120Hz media sources are supported). Upconversion to 8K is available on all six HDMI inputs. One of the HDMI outputs has ARC/eARC capability, which lets you hear the sound from your smart TV app through your speakers without using an additional cable. It can come in handy if you mount your TV on a wall. There is also an audio preamp output that allows connecting an external power amplifier. In addition, optical and coaxial inputs are available.

From the other specifications of Denon AVR-X2700H, it is worth noting that the receiver supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound decoding, the respective virtualization technologies, and a wide selection of HDR formats.

The device comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and has two antennas that ensure a reliable connection. You can choose a wired or wireless connection to your home network. The AVR-X2700H provides access to most streaming services. You can listen to music stored on your mobile devices over AirPlay. Besides, the AVR-X2700H can deal with music files on your computer with its built-in support for most popular file formats.

Finally, the receiver offers compatibility with most voice-controlled assistants, making it easy to perform such functions as adjusting volume.

Denon AVRX2700H photo


Good news for everyone who wants to enjoy the incredible sound experience. Denon AVR-X2700H shines thanks to excellent build quality and components that deliver high-fidelity performance when it comes to sound quality. Those who change their old receiver to this model describe its sound as warm, clear, and full. They also notice that the bass became deep and tight and the trebles – smooth and well-defined. Users also praise the quality of sound when it comes to surround sound. Finally, they agree that Denon AVR-X2700H works very well with different types of speakers.

The receiver features a wide variety of sound settings to let you customize your experience depending on the content you listen to. You can use either the Audyssey MultEQ XT room calibration system or one of the pre-programmed modes for movies, music, or game. If you are an advanced user, you can even create your own mode.

Verdict about Denon AVR-X2700H

The AVR-X2700H is packed with impressive features and delivers excellent sound. As for some minor issues, I can mention the setup difficulties and disappointing functionality of the mobile app supplied with the device. But at this price range, it is probably tough to find another receiver with the same performance.

Yamaha RX-A2A

We prepared for you the Yamaha RX-A2A review, in which you can read about the key features of this receiver. If you're looking for a high-quality AV receiver that supports 4K Ultra HD and HDR10, the Yamaha RX-A2A is an excellent option.

Yamaha RX-A2A from the front

It's not the cheapest receiver on the market, but it offers features and performance that you won't find in most other receivers. For example, it includes a phono input for connecting a turntable, and it has a dedicated Zone 2 output for sending audio to another room in your house.

Build and design

The Yamaha RX-A2A receiver comes with a sleek and stylish design to complement any home décor. The receiver has a black cabinet with a silver front panel, and it measures 17-1/8" x 6-3/4" x 14-5/8" inches. It weighs 22.5 lbs., so it's not too heavy to move around if needed.

On the front panel, you can find a USB port, audio input ports (including another "AUX" A/V input), and speaker binding post outputs. An LED display shows the source name or listening mode currently on. There are also buttons, which will let you quickly mute the sound or change the volume level without using the remote. On the front panel, there is a possibility to control power, select input, volume, and other essential functions.

Besides, you can use the supplied remote control to do all of this. The remote is backlit, making it easy to use in low-light conditions.

Yamaha RX-A2A back

Features and specs

With its 7.2 channel surround sound and 100 W (8 ohms, 0.06% THD) with 2ch driven, the RX-A2A can deliver an immersive, unparalleled soundstage perfect for movies and music. It also features Yamaha's MusicCast technology, which allows you to stream music from your phone or tablet to other MusicCast-enabled devices throughout your home. Besides these Yamaha RX-A2A features, it has the bi-amp capability. It means that the main left and right speakers can be powered by two separate amplifiers, one for the low frequencies (bass) and one for the high frequencies (treble). As a result, it provides better sound quality, improved bass response, and reduced distortion.

Yamaha RX-A2A receiver contains a variety of ports and jacks. For example, there are seven HDMI inputs and one output. Two digital optical audio inputs, two coaxial audio inputs, and a LAN port.

This receiver is perfect for people who have a lot of devices that need to be connected to their home theater system. Yamaha RX-A2A receiver has WiFi and Bluetooth. You will be able to stream music from your smartphone. You should connect the phone to the network of AV receivers, and you're ready to go. Also, don't forget that you can use Spotify Connect or Airplay.

It also supports 4K (up to 120p) and 8K (up to 60p) video pass-through so that you can enjoy the latest high-resolution videos without any degradation in quality. In addition, the RX-A2A will also support HDR10+ (High Dynamic Range) technology which gives a broader color range between bright and dark images for more realistic looking images on your TV.


# photo

The Yamaha RX-A2A is perfect for home theaters and media rooms. It provides clear, immersive sound and stunning visuals that will take your entertainment experience to the next level. In addition, it supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD master audio.

Besides, Yamaha RX-A2A is designed to create an immersive 3D sound experience. This surround sound receiver is equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio technologies, which allow it to deliver a realistic, three-dimensional audio experience.

If you like to watch movies or listen to music with many basses, this receiver is perfect for you. It can create a sound that is both rich and full.

Verdict about Yamaha RX-A2A

Summing up all Yamaha RX-A2A specifications, I recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality receiver with excellent features. It has an impressive range of audio inputs, outputs, and amplifier power. In addition, it is easy to configure and use. The Yamaha RX-A2A offers everything you need in an audio and video receiver.

Onkyo TX-NR797

If you are not sure about this model, we suggest you read our Onkyo TX-NR797 review. The TX-NR797 is one of the most potent Onkyo receivers, and it differs from other receivers in its class in a few ways.

Onkyo TX NR-797

First, it offers plenty of features and capabilities to make your movie watching and music listening experience much better. For example, this receiver can decode Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks, which gives you an immersive surround sound experience. It also has very robust and feature-rich network audio capabilities. Finally, it allows you to access your music library from any device on your network, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Build and design

It measures 17 1/8" x 6 13/16" x 14 15/16 inches and has a very sleek and modern design that will look great in any home theater. This receiver looks very attractive with its nice-looking curves on the front panel, which contains an aluminum facing plate combined with a black color metal casing.

The whole front panel is very logical and well designed. All connectors are labeled nicely with their names, making setting up much easier for connections between various devices. In addition, a front panel includes Power and Station preset buttons, a Volume control dial, a Mute button, Input selector, and Tuner.

The Onkyo TX-NR797 receiver is not difficult to set up. The receiver has a guided setup process that makes it easy to follow.

Features and specs

Onkyo TX-NR797 is a 9.2 channel network A/V receiver that supports 4K Ultra HD video playback, HDR10, and Dolby Vision passthrough. According to Onkyo TX-NR797 features, the power is 100 Watts, 0.08% THD, when two channels are driven. Furthermore, it has a built-in Chromecast that helps to stream content from your devices easily and quickly.

In addition, Onkyo TX-NR797 has AM and FM tuners. So, you can listen to your favorite radio stations. Furthermore, it includes AirPlay support, so it gives a possibility to stream music from your Apple devices. The Onkyo equipped this receiver with FlareConnect Multi-room Audio playback, which allows you to send audio to compatible speakers in other rooms.

Onkyo TX-NR797 back

The Onkyo TX-NR797 has a lot of different inputs and outputs that will fit any modern home theater system configuration. We have found the number of ports quite impressive. On the back side of this model, you will find 7 HDMI inputs, composite video inputs, digital and analog audio inputs. Besides, you will find 2 HDMI outputs, one composite and component video outputs. Besides, there are three digital and seven analog audio outputs.

In addition, the Onkyo equipped TX-NR797 with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So, you will be able to connect wirelessly to your home network and as a result stream your music from computer or mobile device. Furthermore, you will get access to Internet radio stations to discover new music or listen to your favorite online radio shows.

Let's consider some Onkyo TX-NR797 video specifications. This receiver supports video playback in 4K resolution. It has built-in HDMI 2.0a connections so that you can connect 4K video sources directly to it without extra converters. The TX-NR797 can also upscale lower resolution video to near-4K quality so that you can enjoy your old movies and TV shows with improved detail and clarity.


Onkyo TX-NR797 photo

The sound quality is excellent, and it can quickly fill a large room with sound. The Onkyo TX-NR797 offers excellent sound quality when listening to music. This receiver generally produces clear and powerful sound, making it the perfect choice for movie enthusiasts.

In addition, it's perfect for listening to all types of music, from classical to rock. The technology that Onkyo TX-NR797 uses is Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It delivers impressive 3D surround sound effects, especially if you have a speaker system capable of reproducing height effects. This receiver also features THX Select2 Plus certification, which guarantees high-quality sound reproduction.

However, some users argue that this model has better but not the best sound compared to some other receivers.

Verdict about Onkyo TX-NR797

The TX-NR797 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an AV receiver to improve home theater and wants to get excellent sound quality. If your goal is to get surround sound from all directions and feel like in the scene playing out before your eyes, this receiver is a perfect option!

Sony STR-DN1080

Reading our Sony STR-DN1080 review will help you to get to know a few key things that differ this receiver from the rest models. First, it is equipped with six HDMI inputs and, of course, two outputs.

Usually, it is more than most such devices have. So, it means that you can easily connect all needed devices to the receiver and even without worrying about running out of ports. Additionally, the Sony STR-DN1080 stands out from other models, because of one of the most powerful audio processing engines. It allows it to reproduce sounds that are more true to recorded initially, providing a much richer experience than other receivers on the market today.

Build and design

Sony str dn1080

The STR-DN1080 measures 16.92 x 6.14 x 13.03 inches. It is well-equipped, but isn’t too complex in usage. The Sony STR-DN1080 receiver has a sleek and modern design, because of a black finish and some silver accents. The front side is elegant and has a large, central display screen, buttons, and dials to handle the device. This display is clear and really easy to read. The buttons are also well-placed and comfortable in usage. The receiver's back houses a lot of ports and connectors, for example different input and output jacks, as it was mentioned, HDMI and USB ports.

Purchasing the Sony STR-DN1080 you will also get a special remote control. It means you mustn't connect to another device for enjoying wireless, hands-free operations. In addition, you can place your receiver at the rear part of your room and still operate the receiver using this remote control.

Features and specs

Sony str dn1080 back

Sony STR-DN1080 is a 7.2-channel receiver with 165 W (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 1ch driven THD 0.9%) per channel. STR-DN1080 AV receiver has multi-room support. So, by downloading the Sony app, you can easily connect your home speakers to play the same music in different rooms.

The Sony STR-DN1080 receiver has Chromecast capabilities. It gives a possibility to control the music playback on the receiver using your. You can also cast audio content from websites and other apps to the receiver. Sony STR-DN1080 supports AirPlay 2, letting you wirelessly stream your iTunes library from your computer or other Apple device. Besides, you can ask Siri to regulate playback on the receiver.

The STR-DN1080 receiver is equipped with a wide variety of ports, including inputs and outputs. For example, 8 HDMI ports (here we can speak about six inputs and two outputs), a USB port, and optical and coaxial digital audio outputs.

Besides, it has an Ethernet port, with which you can connect the receiver to a home network. It allows the user to control the settings and playback on their receiver. It also has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This receiver is perfect for connecting all your devices and sending the audio to the whole surround sound system.

The STR-DN1080 receiver has several features that will attract movie enthusiasts' attention. For example, 4K Ultra HD (up to 60p (4:4:4)). In addition to 4K Ultra HD support, the STR-DN1080 is also HDR compatible. It means that you'll be able to enjoy HDR content to its fullest potential, with improved contrast and color accuracy. Whether you're watching a movie or playing a video game, the HDR compatibility of the STR-DN1080 will give you an immersive experience. So with these Sony STR-DN1080 features, you'll get the most out of your movies and TV shows.


Sony STR-DN1080 photo

The STR-DN1080 can decode Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X surround sound formats. So that you have a chance to enjoy a clear and really powerful sound. It can handle all of your music and movie needs with ease. The receiver provides a crisp sound even without any distortion. You will hear every note and nuance in your music, as well as experience the full impact of your movies. The STR-DN1080 is the ideal option to improve any home entertainment system.

The STR-DN1080 receiver also features Sony's Digital Cinema Sound. This feature gives you a chance to listen to the best sound quality, whether watching your favorite film or listening to music. Furthermore, this device creates a fascinating surround sound experience. It will help you to feel like you're right in the film action, no matter what kind of films you are watching.


Sony STR-DN1080 specifications prove that this receiver is a perfect device for improving your home entertainment system. It provides high sound quality, and you can regulate it using your personal smartphone, tablet, or remote control. So if you're going to buy a receiver that will fill up your house with rich, clear audio, then this model fits the bill!

Denon AVR-S650H

You can answer this question after reading our Denon AVR-S650H review. The Denon AVR-S650H is an excellent option for people looking for an upgrade. It has many features that make it stand out from the competition. Let's consider some features that make the Denon AVR-S650H different. Denon AVR-S650H front side

The receiver comes with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing compatibility with various streaming media services. Besides, the AVR-S650H is equipped with HEOS technology. Therefore, it allows users to stream melody from any compatible device, such as your phone or tablet.

Build and design

According to Denon AVR-S650H specifications, it measures 17.1× 13.3 × 6 inches. The front side of the Denon AVR-S650H is quite busy. There you can find a lot of buttons, knobs, and a display. The main display is in the center, and it shows all of the information that you need to know about the current state of the receiver. On the left side, there is a home and power button. It is one of the main controls you will use throughout the operating system; it may also be pressed to return to the previous menu or screen. The next group of buttons contains volume controls and source selection. The rear side of the Denon AVR-S650H has a lot of ports and connectors.

The automatic speaker setup makes the AVR-S650H different from other models. It allows users to configure their speakers quickly without worrying about complicated procedures. Besides, you can install Denon remote app on your smartphone or tablet to use its features. Denon AVR-S650H rear side

Features and specs

The Denon AVR-S650H is a 5.2-channel AV receiver with 150W (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 10%) with one channel drive. What makes the AVR-S650H stand out from other receivers is its HEOS technology. HEOS makes a multi-room audio system easier to set up. The AVR-S650H will learn to identify each HEOS speaker you add and ask if you want it to be part of your multi-room setup. Then, it only takes a few clicks to set up a HEOS wireless speaker in a different room or even on your deck or patio.

It features 4K Ultra HD HDMI support for five inputs and one output, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and the excellent Dolby Vision. Thanks to the HDMI connections, you will be able to connect full HDR10 capable TVs, Dolby Vision capable TV/projectors, and compatible audio systems. In addition, the receiver supports AirPlay, Pandora, Spotify Connect, and vTuner Internet radio. It also has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless streaming. This compatibility lets you listen to your music anywhere in the house using apps on your phone or tablet.

The Denon AVR-S650H can support 4K video. It has five HDMI inputs and one output compatible with 4K video signals. It gives you a chance to enjoy the latest films and TV shows in the best possible quality. In addition, it has a built-in UHD upscaling feature that can upscale standard-definition and high-definition video signals to 4K quality. So, the Denon AVR-S650H can upscale lower resolution video to near-4K quality. It ensures that you always get the best possible picture quality, regardless of watching.


The sound quality of this model is fantastic. Because of high-quality components, Denon AVR-S650H features like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X create an immersive listening experience. The sound is clear and crisp, with no distortion even at high volumes. The sound fills the entire room, making it the perfect choice for large spaces. The bass is also powerful, providing a powerful sound that will please even the most discerning listeners.

Besides, the receiver can playback clear dialogue when watching movies and create a robust and dynamic soundstage, making you feel right in the middle of the action.

Verdict about Denon AVR-S650H

The Denon AVR-S650H is a versatile receiver that offers excellent sound quality and an excellent selection of features. If you are looking for a new home theater receiver with plenty of power but don't want something too big, I recommend giving this one serious consideration!

Marantz NR1510

The Marantz NR1510 is a powerful home theater receiver sure to please even the most discerning audiophiles. It offers an array of features and connections that elevate your entertainment experience in any room, delivering accurate sound with warmth and clarity.

Build and design

Marantz NR1510

The Marantz NR1510 is a slimline AV receiver that offers a sleek and sophisticated design without compromising performance. Sitting at just 4” tall, it offers an impressive array of features in a compact chassis. The front panel of the Marantz NR1510 features two knobs for power, source selection, and volume control, as well as a USB port that can be used for playing MP3 files. Additionally, the front panel has many buttons to control various aspects of the receiver, such as display mode, surround sound mode, and more.

The NR1510 also features two line-level inputs and one subwoofer output on the rear panel, allowing users to connect external sources and subwoofers easily. In addition, a headphone jack is conveniently located on the front panel, making it easy to plug in your headphones for private listening sessions.

Measuring 17.3 x 14.9 x 6.9 inches, the Marantz NR1510 is compact enough to fit anywhere in the home or office. In addition, it weighs only 18.1 pounds, making it incredibly lightweight - a perfect combination of size and weight; this item is sure to fit right into your daily lifestyle!

Whether you’re looking for something small to spruce up a shelf or countertop or bring a unique bit of flair to any space in the home or office, this item has all the features you need.

Features and specs

Marantz NR1510 back

The Marantz NR1510 is a 5.1 multi-channel stereo receiver that provides Hi-Fi sound with modern connectivity and advanced features. It has 50W per channel of 8-ohm power for amplified sound at 20Hz – 20kHz and 0.08% THD in a two-channel drive. In addition, the NR1510 comes with Dolby Atmos and DTS HD Master Audio for immersive sound and built-in Audyssey Dynamic EQ for room calibration. It also offers 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 resolution with HDCP 2.3, HDR10 support, and eARC for optimal audio performance.

For easy access to music, the NR1510 features Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, and HEOS Multi-room and Streaming with support for Spotify Connect, Deezer, TIDAL, Napster, Pandora, and SiriusXM. To round out its features, the NR1510 has three composite video inputs, one output, and a phono input for a turntable connection.

The Marantz NR1510 also includes a Compressed Audio Enhancer (MDAX2) to improve the sound quality of compressed audio files such as MP3 or WMA. The MDAX2 technology helps to restore the original dynamics of audio files so you can enjoy your music with greater depth and clarity.

Sound quality

Marantz NR1510 photo

The Marantz NR1510 is an audiophile-grade receiver that delivers crystal-clear sound quality for a 5.2 system. Featuring an ultra-wide dynamic range for seamless signal transfer and Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D Audio decoding capabilities, the NR1510 brings movies to life with amazing clarity and detail. From subtle details like background sounds to explosive sound effects, the Marantz NR1510 provides an incredibly lifelike and detailed audio performance that impresses even the most discerning audiophile.

The stunningly clear and defined highs of the Marantz NR1510 are sure to astound, providing a powerful and crisp sound. For music lovers and movie buffs alike, its expansive dynamic range ensures that all delicate audio nuances can be heard perfectly! The mids and lows of the NR1510 are also exceptionally clear and natural to give an enveloping soundstage experience.

The Marantz NR1510 is a truly remarkable receiver that packs a lot of power into its compact size. Its stunning clarity, ultra-wide dynamic range, and advanced audio decoding capabilities offer a fantastic audio performance sure to please even the most demanding audio enthusiasts.

Verdict about Marantz NR1510

The Marantz NR1510 is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home theater system. It has all the features you’d expect from an AV receiver in this price range, including 4K HDR pass-through, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support, and built-in Bluetooth streaming capabilities. The setup process was also straightforward and user-friendly thanks to its onscreen GUI that walks users through the entire installation process step by step. All in all, we believe the Marantz NR1510 offers excellent value for money and would make a great addition to any modern home theater system.

AV receivers under $1000 buying guide

How many watts per channel do I need in a receiver under $1000?

The first thing to know about receivers is that they come in different power ratings: 5-100+ watts per channel (wpc). The more watts per channel, the better it is able to handle high-quality speakers at higher volumes or lower quality speakers at low volumes.

How many channels do you need?

If you’re in the market for a new home theater system, you’ll need to decide between an A/V receiver with 5.1 or 7.1. If you have a large space such as a basement or garage, consider choosing 7 channels so that it can provide surround sound in more locations. You should also keep in mind that if your room is small then it’s likely not worth investing in anything over 5 speakers because there won’t be enough space to use them effectively and they will just take up extra space on your hardwood floors!

How many speakers do I need for Dolby Atmos?

The speaker setup you use for Dolby Atmos will depend on what type of speaker system you have, but most importantly it depends on where your listening position is relative to the layout of your room. If you are seated near one or two front speakers and also want accurate surround sound, you should choose an “Atmos-enabled” 5.1ch speaker package with up-firing or ceiling mounted height channels (speakers).

What is the difference between an AV receiver and a stereo receiver?

While they may seem similar at first glance, there are some key differences between these two types of receivers, besides the only amount of channels, that you should be aware of before making a purchase. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the differences between AV and stereo receivers, so that you can make an informed decision about which type is right for you.

Do AV receivers improve sound quality?

AV receivers do not improve sound quality. However, they will provide better sound by connecting a number of speakers in a particular configuration and provide a more dynamic listening experience.

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